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INFUSE system’s company consulting and keynote speaking services are ideal for an organization seeking to re-energize, drive, motivate, and positively influence its people. Whether it is working with your home-office, leadership, or sales teams, Maryam Habashi is ready to infuse high impact. Motivating and coaching with techniques that will give your business the competitive edge needed for improving morale, productivity, and teamwork.

Leading Authority on system

Making history in corporate America as a former Regional Director and CEO representing the financial industry, Maryam has spent years on various stages impacting her audience. With over 20 years in business as a top producer, leader, author, and speaker she is passionate about delivering change; empowering others to make their vision a reality!

Maryam is magnetic and has an incredible stage presence by brining high energy to any talk she gives. Regardless of the topic, Maryam is said to be an inspirational speaker and a great story teller by past audiences.

She has the unique ability to relate, influence, and provide clarity into actionable steps. Her approach to speaking; making her audience feel empowered paired with them taking personal accountability, creates permanent breakthroughs for NEXT LEVEL GROWTH.

Maryam Habashi Speaking

Maryam made HISTORY in corporate America as
since 1879 by age 37 and
CEO by age 40
representing the insurance and financial industry with
over a THOUSAND+ PRODUCERS in her team.

INFUSE system coaching is the best!

Maryam is a great leader and coach. She gives so much valuable information that is very helpful for both personal growth and professional growth. It was worth every penny and more! I am happy that I made a decision to invest in myself by hiring Maryam as my business coach. She gives me so much motivation, direction, and positive energy to keep growing my business.

I initially enrolled in the sales program where I took my business from 80k to 400k a year as a solo producer. A few years later, I enrolled in the leadership program. Now I’m ready to duplicate myself and build a team. I highly recommend INFUSE system!”

Founder of KC Realty Group

Featured Speaker AND COACH

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